10.09.05 - 8:23 a.m.

i've moved to another online blogosphere, which explains my absence here on d-land. now that the semester's started, i'm teaching, dissertating and actively job hunting so i don't have all that much time to blog period.

i do like the old-school feel of diaryland, but dang the rich text format's a new technology that makes writing entries so bloody easier. and i don't have the html prowess, dreamweaver wherewithal to make all the bells and whistles on d-land that i like to add when i write (funky fonts, multiple sizes, rainbow color options).

i'm sure, however, i'm a loyalist at heart and can't quite bring myself to erase ever blog entry here or to transfer them to my new blog space...so this entry is not an elegy, and i'm not really completely gone.

i will add, that life's much much much happier and more settled right now than when i last wrote in may. and i wake up each morning and write a gratitude list because i'm feeling both triumphant and humbly thankful that i survived the worst depressive slump EVER (which i recorded here, nov. 2004-april 2005)...so maybe it's appropriate that i leave this record of those struggles behind here, as is...but to the few folks who were kind enough to drop by and leave comments, i feel so fortunate that i befriended those supportive people here.

i'm back, just not back *here*. and on that note,

been real, grateful for that...

circling freely, that's me! ;-)




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